Drinking and Dining near The Cove at Fairview

Asheville and surrounding areas are known for their great beer and food. Just down the road, you can find great restaurants and treats. Here are some of our favorites!


If there is one thing that Western NC is known for, it’s the beer! We have 50+ breweries locally, with every style imaginable. If you like IPAs, porters, or sours… we have you covered!

  • Whistle Hop Brewing Company – Drink excellent beer in a Train Caboose! Located in Fairview making it the closest brewery. Food truck on Thursday – Sunday (check for availability). www.whistletop.com (828) 338-9447 
  • Barley’s Taproom – Not a brewery, but has tons of local and regional beers on tap. barleystaproom.com (828) 255-0504
  • Catawba Brewing Co –  catawbabrewing.com (828) 552-3934
  • Highland Brewery – Award-winning micro-brewery.
  • www.highlandbrewing.com (828) 299-3370
  • New Belgium – Free tours, and lots of great Belgian-style beers. newbelgium.com/brewery/asheville (828) 333-6900
  • Sierra Nevada – A little further away, but worth the drive. Good beer and food. Concerts too. sierranevada.com/ (828) 708-6176
  • Wicked Weed – One of Asheville’s favorites downtown www.wickedweedbrewing.com/ (828) 575-9599
  • Wedge – Down in the river district. Known for their great farmhouse ale.  wedgebrewing.com (828) 505-2792

This is just a start on the breweries. There are more in the area! 

Brewery Tours:

Asheville was named“Beer City, USA” from 2009-2012. It’s STILL beer city… with so many to choose from. If you want to explore a variety in the area, consider a brewery tour!

Dining Near The Cove

There are lots of great dining options nearby.

There are many great restaurants in Asheville but here are some of our favorites. If you are looking for a certain style of food, just ask us for a recommendation.

We can help you provide a gift basket or cheese tray for you or your loved one’s arrival. Also, there is a wide variety of catering options.

Dining Guides

Ice Cream

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