24 Fairview Cove Road

Fairview NC, 28730

(828) 628-4967​

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Animals on Our Hobby Farm

We have miniature donkeys, Nubian goats, chickens, horses, Koi Fish and cats. Visit the animals to watch their antics and give them a treat.  And, our guests receive complimentary eggs from our chickens so you can make your own farm-fresh breakfast!

Miniature Donkeys

Petunia and Buttercup are our new Miniature Donkeys. They like to eat treats, get petted, and run & play. Female miniature donkeys are called “jennies.” They were born in 2015. They are very sweet and intelligent animals. We are training them to stand still and to walk with a lead. These playful and affectionate animals are a joy to be around!

Nubian Goats

The Cove at Fairview has two Nubian Goats: Blueberry and Blackberry. Blueberrry is the mother goat and Blackberry is her female grown kid. Blueberry and Blackberry love to play and climb on rocks. They also love to eat treats and get petted. Nubian goats have long, floppy ears and round noses.


The Chickens

We have two chicken coops. One coop is solar powered. We have: Araucanas, Black Jersey Giants, Golden Comets, Marans, Olive Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Speckled Sussex & White Leghorns. They lay several colors of eggs: brown, eggshell, mauve, copper, white, green, blue/green, and olive green. We are thankful for being able to provide our guests with farm fresh eggs!

Our Horses

We have three horses – Bell and Captain are American Paints, and Taino is a Paso Fino Horse. They love to be fed carrots. We have owned Bell and Captain for about 12 years. They are all beautiful to watch graze in the pasture!


The Koi Fish

We have three Koi Ponds. It is very peaceful to watch these beautiful fish swim around the pond and also to get fed. In warmer weather, we have Koi Food available to feed our fish with. What a great photo op! In colder weather, the Koi Fish semi-hibernate. We are always glad when it is time for the Koi Fish to come to the surface again.