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New Fountain at the Koi Pond!

This picturesque pond has recently been renovated. We have had the pond drained and sediment removed after the Koi Fish were relocated to another pond, of course.

Now the pond is filled with fresh water and Farris and Danny have been moving Koi Fish back to this pond. You see several Koi now when you feed them!

Also, we have added a beautiful fountain to this pond which is accentuated by spring azaleas.

Root Cause Farm!

Root Cause Farm is a local organization that grows organic produce for the hungry on a one acre farm. Frank and Etta were able to view the garden at a recent festival. They were struck by how beautiful and bountiful the garden was. This volunteer-driven farm does a great service for the local community and The Cove at Fairview is glad to have contributed a monetary donation!

Heart Pine Table!!

We have recently purchased a new set of upholstered dining table chairs at The Huntley Cabin. The dining table is a heart pine table that Marietta’s Grandfather made in the 1920s. Ben made this table so that his wife Beatrice had a counter-top to use for cooking. We love to share our family history with our guests!

Rhododendron Bloom!

Seen here is a Rhododendron in bloom. The native Rhododendron is different from cultivated Rhododendrons. Of all of our mountain trees and native plants this is perhaps the most cherished. Do not mistake it for Mountain Laurel, which has a smaller leaf. We love sharing the majesty of the natural world with our guests!

Etta Garden!

We have been making improvements at the Etta Garden! Shown here is Frank taking a much needed break and his brother Harry hard at work. Harry visits us from Raleigh several times a year and is awesome at landscaping. The Cove at Fairview appreciates his work!

Baby Chicks!!

Recently we got ten chicks, 5 Barred Rocks and 5 Buff Orpingtons. They will live in a large enclosure in the feed room for about 1 month and then in the smaller coop for a month or so before joining the grown hens in one of the coops. We expect that these chicks will be laying eggs in November.

We will be sure to post more picts of the chicks soon!

Planter at Chicken Coop!!

We have just added a new planter to the outside of the solar-powered chicken coop! This planter is constructed from railroad ties. We filled the planter with heated manure (from our barn animals) to grow the plants in. Heating manure is letting the sun burn Nitrogen from the manure to make a cheap and ecologically sustainable fertilizer. We have planted vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They include: Corn, Onion, Oregano, Dill, Pineapple Sage, Sage, Marigolds, +.

New Chicken Coop

We have a new chicken coop! This small coop sits on a hillside by the barn and is surrounded by Zinnias and Marigolds. The coop is primarily used to raise baby chicks. This new coop has 4 nesting boxes, a ramp, and a perch. We also have put a flower pot filled with dirt inside of the coop so that the young hens will learn to take a dust bath. Chickens take dust baths in order to stay clean and healthy.

Baby Chicks!!

Children love holding our chicks. This year we bought Arucanas, Laced Wyandottes, and Turkens. This is our first year having Turkens. Turkens have no feathers on their necks. The chicks are all 10 weeks old. At 12 weeks they will be able to jump up and perch. They will start laying eggs at 6 months.

Could not have been better!

“Beautiful and cozy cabin was perfect for our spring getaway and 1st trip to NC! Tranquil home base for our 3 day weekend of Blue Ridge hiking, cycling, and relaxing in the hot tub and around the premises!! Very tasteful interior with all appliances & amenities one needs! Wish we could have stayed longer as we were just beginning to acquaint ourselves with the food and friendly environment of the community. Frank was extremely helpful and “the farm” is very accessible to Asheville. Fresh bread and perfect eggs await you! What could be better?”

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