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Cane Creek Valley Market

Cane Creek Valley Market is a nearby vegetable stand. Marietta says that their heirloom organic tomatoes are possibly the best tomatoes that she has ever had. These heirloom tomatoes and some of the other vegetables are grown within walking distance at Cane Creek Valley Farm. This USDA certified organic farm also sells wholesale to some local grocery stores.  They are soon opening an ice cream shop on site with outdoor seating.  We can’t wait to try it!

Weather Gauge!

This weather gauge was used by William (Bill) Moore to measure rainfall in Moncure, NC for the National Weather Service.  Bill was Marietta’s father and was loved by all.  In addition to measuring rainfall and snowfall, Bill also measured highest temperature, lowest temperature, and current temperature.  This is the official 1940’s rain gauge that he used.  The stand has been rebuilt and a new measuring stick has been purchased.  The rain gauge still works!

Beautiful Lotus Picture Taken at Our Koi Pond!

Very rarely does a photograph reflect back to you the true beauty of nature, the serenity of a perfect moment.  We at the Cove at Fairview are awe inspired by the photography of Steven Fulghum and were honored for him to take pictures at our property.  Please enjoy viewing dragonfly_opening_lotus taken by Stephen Fulghum as seen in the May issue of Rapid River Magazine.  The feature article captures his experience of taking this and other photographs.  Rapid River Magazine is “the oldest and most-read arts and culture magazine in WNC” and we recommend checking it out while planning your vacation itinerary.

Rapid River Magazine


Food for Fairview!!

One of our favorite parts of living in Fairview is the great charities. Food for Fairview is a local food pantry that was established in 1999. This week we donated some of our farm fresh chicken eggs to the Food at Fairview. We are glad to be an active part of the Fairview community and look forward to making more donations in the future!

Winter Firewood!!

For our fireplaces and wood stoves, we provide enough firewood for several fires. (Additional wood can be purchased for a small fee). Some of the firewood comes from trees on our land that fall naturally. These trees are normally Oaks, Locusts, & Tulip Poplars.

Preparing the wood for use takes several steps. First, we cut the logs into smaller pieces, then we haul the wood to the wood-cutter. Next, we split the wood into pieces and stack the wood. The wood seasons for at least six months before use. Enjoy the warmth of a hand-laid fire!

Holiday Donations!!

This year we are donating food to the Fairview Food Bank. This is part of the larger effort of the Fairview Business Association. We are donating peanut butter, beef stew, cereal, ravioli, tuna fish, and mac n cheese.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the larger community and we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Decorating for the Holidays!!

We are always very excited to share the beauty of the holidays with our guests. This year we are decorating 20 Arborvitaes with white lights. The barn will display a large wreath on the door to the hayloft. We also are decorating inside of all our houses to share some Holiday Cheer.

Fall in the Mountains!!

This year we have been very excited to share with our guests the unique and spectacular beauty of Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guests can take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike to an extraordinary view, or simply enjoy rocking on the porch of one our rentals. Shown here is the exquisite beauty of the woods surrounding “My Place” rental home. Tulip Poplars, Oaks, and other native trees surround this home.

Last Koi Fish Feeding of the Year!!

On our property we have three Koi Ponds with beautiful Koi Fish of various colorations. Our guests enjoy feeding the Koi Fish in the warmer months. In winter months, the Koi Fish semi-hibernate and do not eat anything. We have just stopped feeding the Koi Fish for the year as the water temperature has gotten colder. We will start feeding them again in the Spring when the water temperature is consistently warmer and the Koi Fish wake up from their winter sleep.

Fall Flowers!!

We have just completed a Fall Flowers Display. This display features some Fall favorites: Mums, Pineapple Sage, Sedums, and of course pumpkins! The herbs, sage and oregano, will be fed to the chickens in November. Also, we have trimmed a light green evergreen that is located by the barn. The evergreen boughs give a touch of festive greenery to the Fall Flowers Display.

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